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Lego Death Star by LevelDasher
Lego Death Star
My latest Lego creation. I was finally able to get my hands on the Death Star, but it took me a lot longer to finish this one, simply because there were a lot of pause times in between building sessions. After a total of eight sessions, I clocked this one at 20 hours and 15 minutes or so.

Sessions (this is mostly just because I want a place to write this down):

One: 2hrs 45mins
Two: 2hrs 30mins
Three: 1hr 15mins
Four: 1hr
Five: 1hr 15mins
Six: 3hrs 30mins
Seven: 2hrs 30mins
Eight: 5hrs 30mins 

I know the lighting isn't great, so apologies for that, but I did take the pictures with my laptop camera...
“There’s no other option? They have to do surgery?”
“Unfortunately, that is the case, sweetheart. Surgery is the only answer now. Your father’s echocardiogram showed that one of his core arteries is constricted. They need to insert a stent. Do you know what that is?” I could hear the quaver in Gramma’s voice, despite her hard mouth and eyes.
“It’s like a little spring that’s gonna hold the artery open, right?” I swallowed over the tube; it still felt strange.
“Basically, yes. You certainly know your stuff.” Gramma managed a little smile.
“Well, I’ve been here long enough. If it hasn’t happened to me, I’ve probably heard about it,” I chuckled.
“There’s a truth in there somewhere,” Gramma commented.

I sighed and looked at Tesla. She held the same wide eyes and curved brows as before, but she didn’t say anything. I figured she was trying to think of something comforting to say, but I imagine it isn’t easy when a friend is in this kind of situation.

I heard Gramma sigh, too. “I wasn’t expecting you to be bed-ridden, Crimson. I thought I would be able to bring you to see your father before he went to the operating room. I’m sorry, sweetheart.” She didn’t say anything else, but her downcast eyes told me what her mouth didn’t.
“Gramma, can you go and tell Dad I said good luck?”
She looked at me and responded, “Are you alright here on your—” She cut herself off and smiled. “Of course. You’re not alone, are you?”
I smiled back at her and slowly shook my head. I put a hoof on Tesla’s foreleg and said, “I’m in good hooves.” Tess looked at me and blushed. “The doc said I should be resting, anyway. Tell Dad that I’m asking Princess Luna to look out for him, too, would you?”
Gramma nodded as she stood up and walked to the door. “Of course, sweetheart.” Before opening the door, she turned around and looked at Tess. “Tesla, I leave my grandson in your very capable hooves. Please take good care of him while I’m gone.”
Tess put on a straight face as she replied, “Of course.”
Gramma smiled. “Thank you, dear.” Then she walked through door, leaving the sound of fading hoofsteps behind her.

I took a breath and looked at Tess. “Thanks for keeping me company.” All this information hit me like a tornado. First, there’s something else wrong with me. Then, my dad needed surgery. I mean, I know the medical world is nothing new to me, but seriously? It felt like life was dealing me cards from the bottom of the deck…
“Of course,” she responded. She smiled and put a hoof on mine, but I saw something glistening on her cheek, and the trembling I felt wasn’t coming from me.  
I closed my eyes and said, “Give me a second— I have to do what I said I would. She’s not here right now, but it never hurts to try asking Princess Luna for help.”

“Not so. And so, respectively. ‘Tis not an easy response when one is incorrect and correct at the same time.”

Tess and I drew in sharp breaths, then looked towards one of the corners of my room, near the window. We saw a rippling sphere, like a large globe of water draining away, revealing the yawning figure of Princess Luna. Tess gasped and grabbed onto my foreleg, while I stared at the Princess, dumbfounded.
“Princess Luna, I… how… that was fast.” I could barely get the words out.
“I was in the neighborhood,” Princess Luna said with a smile. “However, I have been watching you for a little while.”
My eyes went wide at that. “I… how?”
Princess Luna shrugged. “An invisibility spell. Not simple, but once mastered, useful for a sharp mind.” She turned to Tesla. “‘Tis something you might find helpful someday if you wish to learn it.” Tess glanced at the royal crown and flinched, staring at the Princess.

Princess Luna looked at me and motioned to Tesla, then remarked, “Well? Are official introductions not in order, young gentlecolt?” She smirked and raised a brow at me.
“Oh!” I rasped out over the tube. “Yeah, uh, Princess, this is my friend, Tesla Coil. Tess, this— I think you know who this is.”
Tess nodded, frozen for a moment with her eyes wide, before she bowed to the Princess and said, “Your Highness, it’s an honor to meet you. Crimson talks about you a lot.”  
The Princess responded, “All good things, I hope.” She winked at me before she nodded at Tess and continued, “The honor is mine, Tesla. Crimson speaks fondly of you as well, and I see he has excellent reasons for doing so. You are a worthy and devoted companion. And please, you need not be so formal”

Tess smiled and blushed, rubbing the back of her mane as she glanced at me. I smiled back at her, then I noticed her expression shift. Her eyes narrowed and her brows furrowed slightly. “Um, Princess, I apologize if I’m rude, but you said you were in the neighborhood, right?”
The Princess nodded. “Yes, why?”
Tess scuffed the floor with a hind hoof and asked, “Well, based on what we’ve learned, shouldn’t… shouldn’t you be asleep?”
Princess Luna chuckled. “A wise filly. Yes, I do need my sleep, but special circumstances arose.” I furrowed my brows as Tess and I glanced at each other, then looked back at the Princess. When she saw our expressions, she said, “Allow me to explain. While I can enter dreams of my own accord, on rare occasions, I am drawn to other ponies’ dreams through my own. In this case, an unconscious young colt was fighting for his life—” My eyes shot open. “—but I was able to assist his dream spirit long enough that he could take the reins and gain consciousness once again on his own.”
I gasped, then coughed as I choked on the tube. “Princess, are you saying you helped that colt down the hall?!”
I saw a faint blush appear on the Princess’ cheeks. She nodded and said, “Indeed I did, Crimson. I speak not of these occasions because they are exceedingly rare. I am quite saddened that I was not drawn to either of your friends before their passings. Based on what I have seen in your dreams—” When I looked down and away from her, Princess Luna stopped herself. “I apologize, Crimson. I shall say no more on this matter, if you prefer.”

I took a deep breath before I responded, “Yeah, if you don’t mind…” Then I thought of something. “Wait… so, if you were with the other colt in his dream, how did you end up here?”
The Princess’ eyes brightened as she said, “Ah, yes. You see, before I left the young colt’s dream, I could sense high tension elsewhere on this floor, and not the usual tension that is present in a hospital. I left the dream and situated myself outside by the colt’s window. When I discovered the stress was coming from your direction, I cast my invisibility spell and flew to your window, just in time to see young Tesla revive your father.” She turned to Tess and continued, “I congratulate you on your cutie mark, young filly. You should be very proud of yourself.” Tess just blushed again, then Princess Luna turned back to me. “I teleported through the window as your nurse wheeled your father away. Maintaining invisibility in the process is no easy feat.” The Princess puffed her chest out with a smirk.
I watched Tess’ eyes widening as the Princess spoke about the spells she used, when I remembered something. “But Princess, I haven’t been in here the whole time. Were you sitting in here when I was gone?”
The Princess shrugged. “T’was rather interesting to pony watch through your window, since it is not dark enough to see my stars yet. I allowed Tesla her space, as we had not been introduced. Anyway, now that we have, back to the matter at hoof— you, and your father.”  

I felt my eyes practically bulge as I let out a huge gasp, eliciting a coughing fit. I steadied myself, then asked her, “Are you gonna go help my dad, too?” I held my breath.
The Princess smiled. “I will do what I can. Based on what I know, I doubt your father needs much assistance, but a little reminder of what he fights for never hurts. You, on the other hoof,  need to rest.” She turned to Tess and said, “I am sorry for taking your companion to dreamland, but sleep is crucial.” Tess nodded. “Now, I see you are sporting a new addition to your medical equipment. Would you like some assistance?”
I smiled back at her. “Sure! This tube feels so uncomfortable.”
“Hopefully you will get used to it in time.” Princess Luna turned to Tess and asked, “Tesla, you will keep an eye on him after I leave?”
Tess nodded and responded, “Of course!”
The Princess smiled. “Wonderful.”

At that moment, I saw the Princess’ horn glow light blue, then I saw the same color envelope my head. “What’s this?”
“‘Tis a mild sleeping spell, only meant to induce sleep, not prolong it.” I could feel my eyelids drooping, but not much more than that. “I think one other thing would help.” As the Princess approached my bed and sat on her haunches, I gave Tess a little wave, and she smiled back at me. Before I knew it, a melodic voice slowly lulled me to sleep.

                                                                        ♫ “Come little Crimson,
                                                                             I’ll take thee away
                                                                        into a land of enchantment.♩
                                                                            ♩Come little Crimson,
                                                                            the time’s come to play
                                                                     here in my garden of shadows…”

Little? Who’re you calling— eh, it’s Princess Luna. She can call me whatever she wants…

Ch 33: Always Watching
First Chapter:…

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter: Coming Soon! Watch me for more!

For anyone that's not familiar with the song:…
“The x-ray confirmed our suspicions. There is an obstruction between Crimson’s stomach and intestine— it’s preventing his digestive system from functioning normally.”

Great. Just great. So much for what I know about x-rays. Guess I’m not going home in a month…

“An operation would be risky, so I believe the wisest option is for us to do more chemotherapy and hope it takes care of the problem.”

I’m all for hope, but I’d rather have the surgery at this point.

“In the meantime, while his digestive system isn’t functioning properly, we need to insert an NG tube so he doesn’t continue to vomit. We’re also going to mark Crimson as NPO.”

The second I heard the word ‘insert,’ I started listening much more intently. “Woah, woah, wait a second— what’s an NG tube? And what does ‘NPO’ mean?”
High Flyer, who had been standing with the doctor, answered, “‘NPO’ stands for ‘Non Per Ora.’ It means you can’t eat anything. We’ll be giving you all the nutrients and the medicine you need through your PICC line. Luckily, all your medications come in a liquid form as well.”
I groaned. “Shoot. So much for Gramma’s cooking.” My stomach started gurgling again, but luckily, nothing jumped in my throat. “So… what’s an NG tube?”
High Flyer sighed and looked at the doctor. “Please don’t make me tell him.”

That was not encouraging.

The doctor shook his head as High Flyer gave a sigh of relief. The doctor explained, “You began vomiting before because you can’t expel wastes naturally due to the blockage. We need to create another path for your body to use for this process. The best non-surgical way to do that is with an NG tube. ‘NG’ stands for ‘nasogastric.’ Since your nasal passages and your throat are connected, a nasogastric tube goes through your nasal passage directly to your gastrointestinal tract. We—”
I’d spent enough time in a hospital to know what those words meant. I interrupted him with a loud, “What? You’re telling me you’re gonna shove a tube up my nose and into my stomach?” I saw Tess flinch when I yelled.
The doctor nodded. “Basically, yes. We need to do it as soon as possible so you don’t vomit again. It’s miraculous that you didn’t while you were seeing your father. Speaking of which…” The Doc turned to Mom. “…the NG tube must be connected to machinery that cannot travel between rooms when in use. At the very most, he may be able to walk to the window, but Crimson will likely be confined to his bed. That means—”
“Are you telling me I can’t go see my dad either?!”
He nodded slowly and turned back to me. “Unfortunately, that is indeed the case. I’m sorry, Crimson.”
What the buck? Are you kidding me?” I shouted.
“Hey! Watch your mouth, mister!” Mom yelled over me.
“Well can you blame me?” I huffed and put my head in my hooves. Tess propped herself up and put a hoof on my back, a frown tugging at her muzzle. I looked back at her as I let a tear drip down my cheek. At that point, I just stopped listening to what the doctor said. I figured things couldn’t get any worse.

About five minutes later, I was proven wrong.

“Crimson, I know it hurts, but we need you to keep swallowing! It’ll be over in a few seconds! You’re doing great!”

I could feel the tube sliding down my throat as the doctor continued to push it through my nose. As far as I could remember, I had never felt anything so painful before. Every time I swallowed, I felt my throat clench, fighting the tube like the invader it was.

“There’s the marker; it’s in. Okay, Crimson— the worst part is over. You did a great job!” The doctor patted my fetlock, and I could feel the tears flowing down my face as I nodded, panting.
“I’m so proud of you, Sweetheart. That couldn’t have been easy,” Mom said. When I slowly shook my head, she started rubbing my back. “You are absolutely amazing, Crimson. I don’t know how you put up with this.”
In an attempt to laugh, I made a small wheezing sound. “Years of practice, I guess.” It felt weird to speak. I could still feel my throat trying to crush the tube.

“Okay, miss. You can come back in.” About two seconds after I heard the doctor say those words, Tess was at my bedside as if she had never left.
I sat up and hunched myself over. The doctor had taped the tube to the side of my head so it wouldn’t come out; I could feel it pulling on my face. When Tess got back to my bed, I looked at her and asked, “How bad do I look?” Geez, that tube made it hard to talk.
She grimaced, but she quickly hid behind a smile and answered, “You look great.”
I raised a brow at her and said, “Thanks… but you don’t have to lie. Seriously, how does it look?” My voice sounded raspy.
Tess grimaced again and responded, “It looks like it hurts. How does it feel? How do you feel?”
I smirked and said, “That’s more like it. It feels…” I swallowed, once again feeling my throat clench around the tube. “It feels like it hurts.” I breathed out my nose, wincing. “And I’m… tired.”

“I’m not surprised. Insertion of an NG tube will certainly take a lot out of you,” the doctor explained. “I’m going to speak with my colleagues, so we can discuss the right treatment to give you. There are a number of options, but I want to see if we can give you one that will take care of the problem while causing as few side effects as possible.”
Mom sighed. “Thank you, Doctor.”
He nodded at us. “Try to get some rest for now. It will do you some good.”
I slowly, and silently, nodded back at him, then he went out the door.

As I carefully laid back against my pillow, I sighed, looking at Mom and Tesla in turn. “This isn’t gonna be fun,” I rasped out.
“Well, hopefully you’ll get used to it. Let’s just hope that the new chemotherapy will do its job quickly,” Mom said.
“Yeah, I guess…”

I took a slow breath and looked toward the door. Gramma walked in right at that moment. “Oh, sweetheart, what have they done now?” She sighed. “Crimson, I’ll be with you in a moment. Harmony, can I talk to you?” She motioned for Mom to go out in the hall. That wasn’t a good sign.
Mom nodded and told me, “I’ll be right back, sweetie. I just need to talk to your Gramma, okay?”
I nodded back at her, still lying against my pillow.

Mom and Gramma stayed out in the hallway for a few minutes. I couldn’t hear them talking, but I had a feeling it had to do with Dad. Tess sat with me, alternating between looking at me and the hallway; her hoof stayed on mine the whole time. When the door finally opened, Gramma walked in, but Mom stayed in the doorway and told me, “I need to go see your father, sweetie. Your Gramma is going to explain what’s going on, okay?” I slowly nodded again, the tube tugging on my nose. “Alright. I’ll be back in a little while.” With that, she shut the door, and I heard her hoofsteps fading down the hall.

I didn’t like the way Mom and Gramma were acting. “Gramma, what’s going on?” I asked her. Tess alternated looking between her and me.
Gramma took a breath. “Well, sweetheart, I won’t beat around the bush. You’ve spent enough time in a hospital that you’re past that.” She gave a deep sigh before she said, “Your father is going into surgery.”


LevelDasher's Profile Picture
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United States
I'm more of a casual gamer than an artist, but as the grandson of an art collector, I'm trying to remedy that fact, and either way, I appreciate many kinds of art. While my icon is my MLP OC, I don't define myself primarily as a Brony, even though a lot of the art you may find here, mine or someone else's, may be MLP-related stuff (I'll have some others on the way when I get the time). Many gaming-related things as well as "older" cartoons actually top my interest list ('older' meaning 90s).

PS: I apologize that I don't respond to everyone who comments on my profile page. Please don't take offense if I didn't respond to you. I don't pick and choose- I just reply if I'm in the mood.
While I spend most of my MLPFIM-related time working on Through Crimson Eyes or editing for others, I'd still like to have something else to write when I may have writer's block or just need to take a break from those things. Unfortunately, I'm having issues coming up with some good ideas of my own.

That being said, if anybody has an idea (no matter how strange) for a story that they're willing to share (and aren't planning to write themselves), I'd be happy to hear it. If I like it, I'll put it in my Idea Dumps folder. If I use it, I'll credit you in the story description for the idea.

I know there are groups that give out plenty of prompts, but I'd rather hear stuff from individuals that aren't following what everyone else is doing (also read as, "That's too mainstream." XD ).

So does anyone have any ideas they'd like to share?


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